Most people will bet for fun, and there are many worse ways to spend money. Some like me, bet to make a living. This doesn’t mean I always win, but in the long run I do, and that’s what counts. The difference between someone making a living from gambling, and a fun punter, is often not as big as people think. Yes we have more time to study the form, and come up with profitable angles, but doing the simple things, like always getting the best price available, is just as important.

The knowledgeable fun punter might spend hours studying the form, and then take 4/1 on his selection, when 9/2 was available with a bookie he didn’t have an account with. After striking his wager at 4/1, he texts his friends his fancy. His friend, while knowing little about horses, is quite good at maths, and has accounts with all the bookies. He gets 9/2 when his friend is taking 4/1, and at the end of the year with €10,000 invested, and a strike rate of 20%, the person who spend 100’s of hours studying the form, breaks even, while his friend, who just spent a few minutes opening new accounts, is up €1,000, and off on holidays to spend it.

It seems absurd, that so many people, spend so much time picking a horse they want to back, but won’t spend 2 minutes, to make sure they get the best price. If ever you’re going to change that habit, Cheltenham is the time to do it. The bookies fall over themselves to try get new accounts. Some of the offers the last few years have been outstanding, examples like money back if the 6/4 favourite wins, or if your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th in the Supreme Novices. Place terms are often greatly enhanced, odds on favourites boosted hugely in price. Coral offered 1/1 on Sprinter Sacre for the Champion Chase three years ago when he was 1/4. Yes it was only for €20, but it’s better off in your pocket than theirs. I’ll keep you updated of all the latest offers, as and when they’re available in Cheltenham Betting Offers.

The bookies are prepared to take a loss with these concessions just to get publicity. So by all means spend the time studying the form, read all the previews here at Cheltenham Tips 2016, but also take advantage of all the easy money that’s available by opening up new accounts, and availing of the Cheltenham Specials. My Free Bets page details many of the best free bets available and a quick review of the terms and conditions. It’s not as if you need to leave funds in each account, transferring money in and out is simple these days. This madness only happens once a year, so don’t be lazy, sign up to the bookies offering the best deals, and take advantage of them.

Doing the simple things listed above will increase your profits, or decrease your loses. There is no reason not to take advantage when the bookies are bending over backwards to be generous. It’s doesn’t happen every week, so make the most of it. If you really want to maximize the chances of making a profit at Cheltenham 2016, then you should check out my daily preview and tips, which will be posted before midday each day of the Festival. In the last two years they have made a profit of +218 Points, for a remarkable ROI of +65%.

In October 2013 after great success with my Nap of the Day, I launched my  Premium Advisory Service, and it’s currently showing a profit of +1,098 points, which is +€27,450 to the recommended €25 a point stake, after just 17 months. That’s a return on investment of a remarkable 24.4%. That doesn’t guarantee the tips will be profitable at Cheltenham, there would be many 4 days in the last 5 months when we failed to turn a profit, but if you want to bet with a Professional all year round then you should check out my Premium Advisory Service.

Lecture Over. Let the games begin and lets hope for a profitable and enjoyable Cheltenham Festival 2015, and if you want to learn how to make money gambling then visit my other website Learn Bet Win.

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